Sunday, 13 October 2013

English Writing Skills

Writing is a complex skill that requires time to develop as many
 elements are weaved together
 to form one final product. Writing is more than just putting words and
 sentences together, as
 it should also address questions of writing purpose (to convince,
 inform or narrate), audience
 (friends Vs. business associates, teenagers Vs. University
 professors), genre (argumentative,
 descriptive, narrative), style (avoiding sexist and biased language,
 conciseness, and emphasis),
  register (formal. Informal, technical, jocular) and format (article,
 report, contract, letter,
  e-mail, memo etc.). To achieve a good piece of writing, there are
 some essential and well
  defined stages within the writing process that make sure you will
 actually end up with the
  piece of writing you intended to have.

  The Free English Writing Guide provides articles that offer tips and
 suggestions on how to
  write successfully.How to write Literature Review, Title Page and
 reports or produce
  creative English writing of a high standard in essays, articles and more.

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